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Pneumatic Heat Press SE-DS20 2x40x50cm

Auomatic, Shuttle, Double Station

Kód: SE-DS20

Elérhetőség: 5 db készleten

Kosárba Ár kérésre

        The new SE-DS20  40*50CM pneumatic heat press machine by Microtec is a wounderful professional and accurate processing double base plate heat transfer press machine. With the two work sations, it offers a particularly generous working area for comfortable positioning of transfer objects.

If you want small size heat press but with high presssure and 2 working station, then SE-DS20 pneumatic press is the best chooice. This machine is good for transfer Toner paper, HD metal prints, photo slate, etc. 

Heating plate head can be smoothly moved one side to other side. The sublimation heat press machine is easy to operate and quick change the spare parts.

  • Machine Type: Auomatic, Shuttle, Double Station
  • Platen Size: 16"*20" / (40*50cm)
  • Under Plate: Fixed
  • Controller: GY-06 Digital Time & Temp. Control
  • Printable Articles: Up to 32mm Thickness
  • Air Compressor Required: Yes
  • Voltage: 120V/ 220V
  • Power: 1.8KW
  • Time Range: 0-999 sec.
  • Maximum Temp: 225 C
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±5
  • Packing Size: 121*99*76cm
  • Gross Weight: 160kg(Wooden Package)