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Heatpress SE-DH43

Large-format heatpress with plate dimensions 80x110 cm.

Kód: SE-DH43

Elérhetőség: ✉️

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         New large-format heatpress with dimensions 80 x 110 cm. The heated plate is controlled by an automatic pneumatic system using a suitable robust and suitable pneumatic cylinder. The bottom plate is slide out. The main difference from the SE-DH40 model is the upper heated plate, For this heatpress it was designed as plugabble heatplaten with removable heaters. This technical solution is not necessary but you will see it very usefull when service is required.

  • auto open system 
  • digital temperature and time control
  • automatic alarm
  • plugabble heatplaten


The use:

      Clothing, large items of clothing or several pieces at once, flags, towels but also sheets, mouse pads, fridge magnets, etc.  


  • Machine Type: Automatic, One Station
  • Platen Size: 32"*43"(80*110cm)
  • Under Plate: Draw-out
  • Controller: GY-06 Digital Time & Temp. Control
  • Printable Articles: Up to 65mm Thickness
  • Air Compressor Required: Yes
  • Voltage: 380V 3phase
  • Power: 8.1KW
  • Time Range: 0-999 sec.
  • Maximum Temp: 225 C
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±5 C
  • Packing Size: 153*138*128cm
  • Net/Gross Weight: 300kg/480kg (Wooden Package)